Just Carmel Stuffs

MOTHER OF CARMEL 8 things every Carmelite would relate to 1. Carmel anthem was actually something we sang with pride ‘within thy hallowed portals CARMEL dear …….’ I am quite sure if you are a CARMELITE you must be singing it rather than reading (hahaha) 2. That ‘MISS ATTITUDE‘ tag people gave us just after […]


Everyone wants a world without war. Looking for the hope of watching a star. But this place will make you think why you have periods and why you were born as queen. A large population of you believe that the only purpose of breast is to be pressed, butt to hold, shoulder to be bitten, […]


Waving my hand from the audience to make him realize his voice was not audible, I started to see the journey of a rising star. Bareilly it was, a boy nervous and excited on stage, playing guitar, singing with his partner saw a hand waving from the audience SING LOUD!!! He expected nothing after such […]

Introducing myself 

My name is not yet disclosed, but if you were born in 90’s you got it right, I’m a 90’s bitch. Thoughts carved into words and pictures can define a person. Experiences told in stories can tell the stark truth of where has one been, what has one seen and where can one be going […]