Just Carmel Stuffs

MOTHER OF CARMEL 8 things every Carmelite would relate to 1. Carmel anthem was actually something we sang with pride ‘within thy hallowed portals CARMEL dear …….’ I am quite sure if you are a CARMELITE you must be singing it rather than reading (hahaha) 2. That ‘MISS ATTITUDE‘ tag people gave us just after […]


He sat alone, Alone in this favourite place, Where his screams were silent and tears could roll down. He was hiding his tears because men must not cry!! His insecurities hid deep inside, and his heart began to race. He took his blade and tore his skin, And his depression lied deep within. This went […]

Introducing myself 

My name is not yet disclosed, but if you were born in 90’s you got it right, I’m a 90’s bitch. Thoughts carved into words and pictures can define a person. Experiences told in stories can tell the stark truth of where has one been, what has one seen and where can one be going […]